What Is Vision And Why Does It Matter? (Part 1)

Vision is a word with two very distinct meanings. One is to see with our eyes. This is a very physical concept that involves light being receive by our eyes and turned into an image by our mind.

Generally, we are pretty certain of what we see. Rarely do you hear people talk about how they saw something that wasn’t there, or about how they suddenly ran into something that they never saw.

The other meaning of vision is much more conceptual and open to interpretation. It involves something not unlike seeing into the future.

When someone has vision, they are able to see and communicate an idea of what things will look like at some point in the future. Generally, we tend to like people that have it. Unless, they have a very sad vision that is.

When it comes to future vision, we are a lot more forgiving. In most cases, we will confirm someone’s vision as true if even a small part of it actually materializes. If they “saw” some things that turned out not to be there, the vision is still considered to be quite good.

That’s it for part 1, stay tuned for part 2. Then, we are going to dig deeper into how we form a vision of the future.

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